Geometric Meridian Therapy

Geometric Meridian Therapy (GMT) is the use of  traditional acupuncture meridian therapy strategies to realign the geometric proprioceptive reference points of the body.  It utilizes the fundamental strategies of meridian based acupuncture therapy to balance our perception with our intrinsic positional reference points. Although many of the treatment points chosen are classical acupuncture points, the goal with GMT is to balance our kinesiological lattice.

Standard meridian therapy seeks to balance flow within and between the various meridians of the body.  If there is blocked flow, we encourage it to move by stimulating or draining the appropriate points and pathways.  We can divert flow among and between different meridians to promote systemic balance and we can restore the integrity of pathways which have lost communication.  However this is not always enough to restore harmonious movement.  The meridian pathways exist mostly in vector space but we navigate movement in three dimensions.  In order to correct positional and movement distortions, we must make adjustments to more complex parts of our perceptive and navigational components.

Two paradigm shifts have allowed me to develop this approach. The first is that meridians can move in cases of ill balance; they might not be simply in depletion or overflow, but also diverted from their natural lines.  Treatment therefore is directed towards restoring meridian position, not just rectifying flow.  The second shift is the awareness that we reference spatial position of and with our bodies geometrically; it takes three points to make a plane.  Vectors off of the plane brings us to three dimensional awareness.  Movement through space is negotiated by comparing reference planes in the body to intended  or perceived vectors. For example, our main postural frame of reference is the relationship of our hips and shoulders referenced to the center points between each set of limbs and then again between each set of limbs.  When we move, we ‘think’ with reference to these centers.  Just like individual meridians, these planes can be diverted and distorted by injury, disease or bad habits.  GMT is a way to  use manual and acupuncture assisted adjustments to restore the harmony of these reference structures and their connective pathways.  It provides a whole new strategy for dealing with problems like persistent movement issues tied to old injuries or scar tissue for example, or simply enhancing our ability to move more gracefully through space.

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