Updates to Covid-19 Clinic Policies (Check regularly)

March 23. The clinic is now closed for in person treatment.  I will be working to establish protocols for either telephone or computer based consultations in the near future.  Many of my herbal suppliers are currently back ordered as manufacturers in California are on shut down.

March 24.  I will be available for consultations by phone, email, and perhaps zoom (but I’m no Pro!). It is not too likely I will work from the office more than a couple of slots/week, but can easily swing by to retrieve formulas (when they are available of course!) if you’re ill.  Also, it is not hard to refill constitutional formulas with some notice, and quite safe for me to leave herbs outside at my home, but not at the office.  For consultations (other than refills), I will charge $120/hour, with a $25 minimum, and use a timer to be fair. This will hold for email exchanges as well.  Therefore, it is best to collect your thoughts, write them out and send them along.  It is also fine to talk–it just will take more time. As you know, I am inclined to deliberate in order to get things right.  A good idea is to practice taking selfies of your tongue!  If you are concerned about illness, please check your temperature at rest. Also, concerning illness, it is probably best to communicate visually with Facetime, Zoom, etc. as a lot is revealed by observation.  Payment wise, I encourage folks to use Venmo, which is free for everyone concerned.  I wish there was a way to do pulses at a distance! OK, thanks!

March 25.  Governor Scott issued a shelter in place order today which holds till April 15th. Stay sane and safe! And retrieving and formulas you may need is an essential activity for sure.  As above, this will mostly be conducted from my side porch!


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