Carol Jordan

20121224_Jordan_04Carol is nationally certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork and has been in practice for over forty years. She has over 1,000 hours of training in a variety of modalities including and not limited to therapeutic massage, reiki, polarity, Ortho-Bionomy, cranial sacral therapy, and resonant kinesiology. In addition, Carol has advanced certification in Thai yoga bodywork.

To contact Carol, call 802-862-6498.

“Carol is not a masher of muscles but a healer, a guide with hands of fire and divine grace.” ~ M

 “I have been privileged to work with Carol Jordan for most of the 15 years I have lived in Vermont.  I have continually benefitted from her extensive trainings and deepening skillset. She combines deep and intent listening with a thorough understanding of the body, her chosen modalities, and my personal quirks. She teaches me ever-so-gently to become conscious; to listen to my body; to make necessary adjustments to achieve the best outcomes.” – S

 “I have been going to Carol Jordan for over 12 years. After many years of regular visits I am happy to report that I have discovered that our bodies can take care of themselves more than we realize. Without fail, following a visit with Carol, I feel structurally improved, mentally refreshed and spiritually uplifted.” – T

 “I met Carol in 2002. The difference with Carol’s work is her true partnership with me. This isn’t “treatment,” it is literally co-creating health. Carol brings her rich background in different traditions to our sessions, allowing her to relate to my needs with the right method in the moment. I credit my general level of good health in large part to the supportive, healing work that is done with her on her mat and her table. I have worked with many different massage therapists in different settings, states and countries. I’ve had many different experiences but none that I could recommend more highly than my time with Carol.” ~ K

 “I had my first massage with Carol Jordan in 1982. Since that time, I have gotten a massage with Carol every month without fail and will continue to do so for hopefully a long time to come! Carol is very respectful of my needs, is constantly expanding her skills. She is a role model for self-care like no one else I know. She has also been an incredible resource and aid during times of physical injury and illness, and I know her work with me has greatly facilitated the healing process. Carol knows when to go deep and when to keep the touch light, when to talk and when to be silent, when to ask and when to advise, when to push and when not to push. Her intuition and communication and professionalism are exceptional and her touch extraordinary and spot on.” ~ E

 “I’ve had the privilege of working with Carol for many years now in both her very unique body work and Thai massage. Carol is terrifically skilled and beautifully intuitive – each session with her offers a sense of re-knitting to the body, and emerging more connected to the heart and spirit than before. It’s a precious thing, to be able to work with someone who “knows” your body – that is Carol’s generous and heartfelt gift to us.” ~ P

 To contact Carol, call 802-862-6498.

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